The Uncharted Project

by Antoine Gaussin

« The Uncharted Project » is of a rare subject matter – a place many would frequent, yet, hardly pay notice to – portrayed in an equally rare bird’s eye view perspective taken within restricted airspeed. Brightly colored, engineered lines designed and intended for aircraft operational safety, stretch across the vaste concrete landscape to reveal a unique form of geometric art and beauty. The composition of the images resembles that of architectural blueprints that have come to life through Antoine’s lens.

In his work around the thresholds, the photographer views the airports as the place where cultures cross paths and individual lives leaves their marks. To him, this is particularly evident in runways, as ever touchdown symbolizes the fresh memory of experiences and every takeoff the promise of new adventure.

Detail of « Tristin 777 »

110 x 180 cm 

Detail of « StencilA3« 

180 x 110 cm 








« Trajectory »

90 x 250 cm

 The Uncharted Project Series

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